The No-Social Marketing

It's time to do your marketing,

your way.


You're a soul-led, service-based online business owner with a big ideas and an even bigger heart.

You might be a coach, consultant, mentor, strategist, designer or similar, but one thing combines you: You want to grow and scale a sustainable, soul-aligned business.

You're on your way there, but...

You feel exhausted, tired or fatigued from having to use social media in your business.

You know you need to prize your mobile from your hand more, but being on social 24/7 (or close to it) stops you.

You feel frustrated with 'having' to use social media for your marketing but have no idea how else to sell your stuff.

You feel anxious, worried, fearful and triggered AF with one scroll of the newsfeed.

You worry about the rules changing, algorithms changing and the slew of people getting their profiles shut down after years of blood, sweat and tears building them up.

You just want your damn life back.

If you answered yes to any of those, this workshop is for you my friend.


Hi, I'm Gemma Went, online business mentor, certified mindset coach and energy practitioner who has not only created millions for myself online, but has helped thousands of online business owners create six, multi-six and seven figure soul-aligned businesses, without burning-out or selling-out.

Before arriving in the online business scene in a puff of hope and bewilderment over eight years ago, I was a digital marketing professional working with global brands, corporates and agencies. My speciality was social media, but I was knee-deep in tech before social even existed.

I know the digital world. I've seen social platforms come and go. I've tried, tested, tweaked and had a go at pretty much every strategy and tactic out there.

I LOVE Social Media (and won an award for my innovative use of it - but that's another story)

So why - you might ask -am I teaching a workshop on how NOT to use it? 

Well, I'm glad you asked.  

I've seen the negative side of social and can see how its affecting mental health amongst my clients and peers, and I wanted to do something about it.

This workshop is that thing.

The thing is, my own marketing has been based on many non-social strategies since I started my business eight years ago. They still work today, creating daily leads and building my audience with soul-fit humans.

What I found was that having a selection of activities running instead of spending hours upon hours on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (add your social media of choice here) was a much more supportive way of doing business.  

I don't have to create 3-5 posts a day if I don't want to.

I don't have to show up in Groups.

I don't have to share my life minute by minute on Stories.

I don't have to do the weird pokey thing on Insta-Reels.

I can do nothing, and still have my marketing do what's needed to grow the business.

All of this experience I've poured into this training, where I share my Evergreen Marketing System. 


Marketing Review

You'll be given a workbook with prompts to help you review where you are now with your marketing, spot the gaps, highlight the blindspots and come to the workshop armed with the right data to drive your new marketing plan. Do this before you watch the two sessions.


The Evergreen Marketing System

On the first session you'll be given my evergreen marketing system and specifically shown how it works with non-social media channels. You'll be given the whys, the whats and the hows so that when it comes to designing your soul-aligned plan in the next session, you already know how it could look for you.


No-Social Marketing Plan Design

I'll facilitate a creative session where you will take everything you've learnt so far and your data from the review, then we'll design a marketing plan that not only has no (or little) social media, but it will feel fun, light and totally doable with lots of live feedback and advice from me.


Your Soul-Aligned Marketing Plan

You'll leave with a soul-aligned plan that you can start to implement immediately. You'll have guidance on what to do with your existing social media channels and a new marketing calendar that gives you space to breath. Of course - me being me - there will be a few surprises too.


All the above is brilliant, I know, but you might be thinking: "Yeah yeah Gemma, but what will I ACTUALLY get from doing this with you". This is for you...

An evergreen marketing system that works on autopilot, using a lot less of your time.

The chance to step back from your business when you need to, knowing your marketing will still be running without you.

The relief of not having to be on social media all the time, leaving you time to do the things you love.

Less stress and pressure caused by social media, leaving you to be more present.

Increased confidence as less of it is eroded by what you digest on social media.

More time to be in your genius zone, create and serve ... you know, the stuff that will move the needle in your business.

Better sleep, health and beauty. Okay, maybe not the last one, but definitely the first two. 

No more constantly being bombarded with shiny new offers and messages that make you think everything you're doing is wrong.

You get to grow your business without sacrificing your time, energy or soul.

Less risk of losing it all and having your audience and content wiped out by having your account closed down.

My clients have been asking me to create this workshop for months.

With all that 2020 and 2021 brought, so many are feeling tied to social media when they would rather use something else.

Well, this is it.

Pre-workbook review

Two powerful training sessions 

No-Social Marketing Plan Template to take away

Lifetime access to the replay to use again and again

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